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The Honda S90 was a very popular bike in Jamaica in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Probably its biggest reggae reference was Big Youth‘s “S90 Skank” where the screaming target kicked off the recording by revving an S90 engine in the studio.

In my opinion the bike looks amazing. I once had a line on one to buy but had to pass on it because it would mean signing on for a lifelong project repairing it.

In one of the very first Limonious-related interviews that I had someone do for me while I was a’foreign, the legendary Derrick Harriott dropped a serious bit about Limonious and his penchant for drawing the S90.

“…Limonious had some work during these different passages of time on dancehall music. You also had the S90 era and the Dub era. All these important because at the change of intervals, new graphic images are depicted on the cover of the albums. For example, S90 Bike era, you have the small scooter bikes with persons on them being shown”

Whether the bikes on Limonious‘ covers are S90s or not is not for me to say but I can say the following: on Toyan’s “Hot Bubble Gum” it is a definitely a Honda 450, on Papa San’s “Animal Party” it is definitely insane, and on the Winston Riley’s “DJ Explosion”, it definitely ah BOOM!

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