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Been a bit slow over here with posts. I’ve been keeping really busy with some exciting things and some other not so exciting things.

Anyways, on to a post:

I recently met up with Limonious’ younger brother in Scarbourough Town Centre Mall where, among other things, we chatted about Wilfred’s artistic influence in the reggae jacket world. “Lotta people used to imitate him. A lot of artists would imitate him”, he told me.

Now, Limonious wasn’t the first reggae graphic designer to use cartoons as jacket covers, but he is definitely one of the more influential. This is a jacket from the Toronto-based King Culture label designed by Ashley that makes some serious ‘Limonious-moves’. Most notably, the mice. Ohhh the mice.

My convo with Wilfred’s brother also reminded me of a this jacket that I found at last year’s WFMU record fair. A pretty blatant imitation (read: rip off) of a specific Limonious cover by a man called R. Saunders. The Limonious original follows

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