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So, I found a Canadian connection to Wilfred Limonious.

As you probably know, Canada (specifically Toronto) has deep reggae roots. There have been nuff reggae record labels, studios and artistes based out of the TO area going back as far as the 1960’s. So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise today when I found this Limonious-designed LP from Toronto-based (as far as I can tell) singer Reggae Rambo.

According to the album jacket, the LP was recorded at Max Music on Victoria Park Ave in Toronto and distributed by Rolata Records in Scarborough, and while barely any information is available about either of these things, you can bet I have already made some emails and some phone calls.

Likely, the way that it happened was that the songs were recorded up here in TO, sent down to be mastered by Spiderman at the Tuff Gong studios in Jamaica, and then its cover and the disc itself were pumped out on the island as well, Limonious being hired by the sleeve’s printing company (in this case, Xpress Litho) to design the cover. I could be wrong though, and will provide an update if I hear back from Reggae Rambo or anyone else that I emailed.

The cover’s angular, digital vibe is totally in-line with a lot of that era’s (late 80’s, early 90’s) jacket designs. Here is another Limonious jacket in the same vein:

And for those not particularly interested in this modern-era Limonious (“where are all the speech bubbles and the breasts?”), I will throw in this cover for fun (this one comes courtesy of

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