Edna Manley

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I left for Jamaica with only a small handful of phone numbers of people that Limonious may have worked with and basically followed leads as they came up. My first destination – one that I figured would be easy enough to manage – was the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where Limonious was said to attend.

Classes weren’t in session and only a small handful of students were kicking around the beautiful outdoor campus so I walked around aimlessly, following the sound of a saxophone. As I passed the practice room with the horn player, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that scene from Rockers when the film’s background music is revealed to be live playing from Tommy McCook (I think) and others. Well, the school campus just south of New Kingston is a far from the yard that Horsemouth walked though, but still, it was all very exciting.

Once I found the office of the registrar, I managed to arrange a meeting with a very busy (but just as lovely) director of the Visual Arts department, who was gracious enough to search high and low for Limonious’ alumni files. Much of the school’s student files had been destroyed in a fire years ago but the Visual Arts dept. kept separate files so we were eventually able to track down Limonious’ file.

As it turns out, Limonious had in fact graduated from the school in the early 70’s with a Graphic Design diploma and thanks to the staff at Edna Manley, I was pointed in a few new directions of people that I should talk to.

Anyways, here are a few more pics of the campus just for fun and one of Limonious’ reggae covers with heavy “art-school” vibes:

::”Antheng”, Sonic Sounds; cover design: Wilfred Limonious::

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One Response to Edna Manley

  1. vincent says:

    yes limonous and i work in the same office on Riterment road doing art work LP covers in the 90’s

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