Hometown HiFi

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The man behind last summer’s Say Watt? show in Paris is at it again.

Seb Carayol is taking his obsession with sound system culture to LA this month launching his Hometown Hi Fi exhibit at the Sonos Studio.

In addition to it being the US debut of King Tubby’s fully restored original sound system, the exhibit includes photographs from Beth Lesser and Tero Kaski as well as a few Limonious treats.

Some more info here

If you are in LA, please stop by and say hi.

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In a New York Stylee

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Papa San Proof by Wilfred Limonious. From the Deadly Dragon archives.

I was in New York recently scanning and photographing Limonious collections for the book. One collection of spectacular original and unreleased proofs and another collection of album jackets.

These were some of the last major collections to be included in the book and the layout is looking great! Some really great interviews are in the works as well.

Big ups to Deadly Dragon Sound (go check out their world-class record store and their Downtown Top Ranking night) for being so gracious with their time and collections and much respect to 骨架的 for everything as always.

Thanks to all the internet massive for your positive feedback and patience

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Rest in Peace to Prince Jazzbo.

Back Home | About this site |  About the book|IMG_6202I am very saddened by the news of Prince Jazzbo’s passing. I have been fortunate in the last few years to have developed a professional relationship with the UJAMA producer and in even more recent months, a friendship.

Limonious designed many many jackets for the legendary producer, including the above image where he snuck Jazzbo into the scene.

Respect due.

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The Book

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With consultation from the artist’s family and friends, and with the help of the folks at One Love Books and Dan at the Limonious myspace page, I have been working towards a published volume of Wilfred Limonious art.

With over a 150 album covers to his credit, the late Wilfred Limonious is one of dancehall reggae’s most prolific illustrators. In the early months of 2010 I visited Jamaica to research the man and attempt to create a proper compilation of his work. While on the island, I was fortunate to meet with many of his music and design colleagues, his cartoonist contemporaries, and most importantly, his friends and family.

The book is well under way and the layout is looking great!

In the meantime, this site hopes to honour the art, career, and impact of Wilfred Limonious, an artist who is as prolific as he is under-discussed. I will be updating the site on a semi-regular basis.

I can be reached at bateman.c.j@gmail.com



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Paris Show Update

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Some promo items from the Say Watt? show:

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Old vs. Young

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I just want to take a minute to big up some Limonious inspired artist and designers out there. Click through the images to get at the artist’s info.



(Above: François Terrien/Dizziness Design)


(Above: Henrik Hellberg/Skinny Digital)

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Say Watt?!

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In Fine Style is very excited to announce that some Limonious pieces will be featured alongside Beth Lesser‘s photographs and Lick it Back‘s restored King Tubby‘s Hometown Hi-Fi speaker boxes as part of La Gaîté lyrique‘s Say Watt? exhibit in Paris this summer.

Check it out HERE! Scroll down to the From Roots to Culture heading

If you are in Paris this summer, please check it out. The exhibit runs from June 21 to August 25th.

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